St Athanasius' Primary Nursery

The nursery is part of St. Athanasius' Primary School situated in John Street in the town of Carluke. It opened in August 1998. The nursery is non-denominational and we respect and welcome children and parents of all religions, faiths and beliefs.

We provide a service for a maximum of twenty children per session. The children attend for either 5 morning or 5 afternoon sessions. The morning session is from 9am to 11.30am and the afternoon session is from 1.00pm to 3.30 pm. The age range of the children is from 3-5 years.

The nursery is staffed staffed by a Nursery Teacher and two Nursery Nurses. The head teacher is responsible for all aspects of the nursery service and curriculum and the nursery teacher and nursery nurse are responsible for implementing the curriculum.


The nursery curriculum has five key areas:

  • Emotional, Personal and Social Development

  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World

  • Communication and Language

  • Expressive and Aesthetic Development

  • Physical Development and Movement.

We have a responsive staff team who offer a wide range of activities to fulfil the learning outcomes in the five key areas. We are committed to providing a high quality provision which is responsive to the needs of all our children. We support children with communication, physical or emotional difficulties. We work closely with parents and other relevant agencies including Speech Therapist, Pre five Support for Learning, Health Visitor and Psychologist.

We have a very full primary induction programme spread over the course of three afternoons. On the first two afternoons the children are involved in a selection of workshops led by a teacher, with the parents present. The activities are fun and the children enjoy them. On the third afternoon the children meet together as a class group in their own classroom with their P1 teacher while the Head teacher talks to the parents about preparing a child for the best possible start to school.


Nursery Aims

  • We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is closely linked to national and local guidelines. Programmes of work and day-to-day activities are carefully planned and we aim to make effective use of assessment information as a basis for future learning and to facilitate primary transition.

  • We aim to monitor children's progress in the key aspects of their development and learning and recognise and celebrate attainments including personal and social achievements.

  • We aim to provide a safe, bright and stimulating environment which motivates and encourages children to learn through play. We strive to meet each child's needs by offering a range of approaches to learning, by gearing the pace of learning to meet individual needs and by providing high quality interaction between staff and learners. Progress is carefully assessed, recorded and utilised effectively.

  • We aim to support children and their families by offering a coherent programme of care and by collectively creating a climate of mutual trust, respect and confidence. We will conscientiously implement child protection policies and give due regard to aspects of health, nutrition and safety. As a priority we offer support to children with special needs and welcome external guidance.

  • The best interests of the children are our prime concern and we aim to offer a welcoming and inclusive environment which values and respects all children, parents and staff. We wish to enter into partnership with parents as a means of ensuring effective communication, employing positive behaviour strategies, creating an atmosphere of equality and fairness, forging links with the wider community and fully involving parents in the education of their children.

  • We aim to make best possible use of available finance to provide sufficient, suitable resources of high quality and to manage the use of space and materials for the benefit of the children. Staff development and review procedures are in place to identify and prioritise the needs of staff.

  • Staff are encouraged to evaluate the effectiveness of their work and promoted staff monitor teaching and learning with a view to offering support and guidance. We foster the importance teamwork, collectively devise and implement policies and are committed to offering the highest possible level of personal and professional competence.


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